MEI's products find their way into a surprising number and variety of end-user products and markets.  As the accompanying chart shows, almost anywhere you find barrier or decorative coated substrates, you'll find MEI.
MEI Customer Markets MEI Product Applications
PACKAGING Food, Non-food Flexible, Barrier
DECORATIVE Ribbons, Wrapping Papers, Bows
CONSUMER Emergency Blankets, Shades and Draperies
CRYOGENIC Dewars, Multi-Layer Insulation, Magnets
AEROSPACE Reflective Insulation, Barrier Wraps
CONTROLLED DENSITY Microwave, Solar Control
CHRISTMAS Icicles, Garland
GRAPHIC ARTS Labels, Decals, Tags
ELECTRONICS Static Bags, Capacitors, Conductive Materials
AUTOMOTIVE Decorative, Functional Trim
WALL COVERINGS Residential, Decorative Trim, Picture Frames
PHARMACEUTICAL Moisture Resistant and Barrier Packaging